"MAF" Fleet

       MALAYSIAN ARMY       
(Only the latest and most capable listed below)

Astros II MLRS

Supplier :  Brazil (Avibras)
Type : Multi-Launch Rocket System
Quantity : 36 + 18 (additional/support unit)
Operational range : 480 km
Speed : 90 km/h
Armament : Rocket Launcher Loader Module + 1 X 12.7mm Bowning M2HB
Fire Control Computer : Fieldgaurd Radar

Rocket :SS-30,SS-40,SS-60,SS-80

Ammunition : High-Explosive HE
Carriage : Tectran 10 ton 6X6
Fire on move : Yes 
Navigation Control Fire : Yes
Crew : 3
Combat Weight : 20,000 kg

Denel G5 155mm Howitzer

Supplier :  South Africa (Denel)
Type : Towed - HowitzerCalibre : 155mm HE Fire Range : 39 km +

Weight : 13.7 tonnes
Crew : 8
Rate of fire : 3 rounds/minute
Quantity : 28
Guidance : GPS (Yes)

Bumar Labedy PT-91M 

Supplier :    Poland (Bumar Labedy)
Weight : 48.5 tonnes
Armament : ZTS Konstruka 2A46MS 125mm + 1 X 7.62mm FN MAG + 1 X 12.7mm M2HB
Engine : PZL-Wola S-1000R Diesel (1k hp)
Speed : 70 km/h + 
Operational range : 700 km+
Crew : 3 (commander,driver,gunner)
Armor : Composite armor , front and side armor laminated , reactive armor ERA,ERAWA 2/3
Transmission : Powerpack RENK ESM-350M
Fire Control System : SAGEM Savan 15
Panoramic Sight Optronics : Sagem VIGY 15
Inertial Navigation System : Sagem SIGMA 30
Turret Stabilisation : EADS EPS72
Laser Warning System : PCO SSP-1 Obra-3 integrated with 81mm smoke grenade launcher , CBRN warning system Pimco CHERDES II , communication systems: Thales TRC9310-3 Fastnet, Thales TRC3630-3, Thales SOTAS

FNSS ACV-300 Adnan

Supplier :   Turkey (FNSS)
Coolaboration with :  Malaysia (Deftech)
Type : Infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)
Weight : 14,000 kg / 14 tonnes
Range : 500 km
Speed : 65 km/h
Engine : Detroit Diesel 6V-53T 300 hp
Crew : 3 + 7 (personnel) 
Navigation System : KVH TacNav
Armor : Against 14.5mm AP
Quantity : 211 + 48 + 8 + ?
Variants :

- With Browning 12.7mm M2HB HMG
- With 25mm M242 Bushmaster
- Ambulance , Command , Recovery Vehicle , Communication , Signal Vehicle
- With Mk19 grenade launcher
- With 81mm , 120mm mortar
- With Bakhtar Shikan ATGM 
Role : Both IFV and ACV

FH-70 Howitzer

Origin : European Union UKGermanyItaly
Manufacturer : VSEL,Rheinmetal,Oto Melara
Type : Close Support Gun
Range : 24 - 30 km
Weight : 9.6 tonnes
Quantity : 15
Shell : 155 mm HE

Daewoo K-200 KIFV / AIFV

Origin :   Republic of Korea (Daewoo)
Type : Infantry-Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Range : 480 km with speed 70 km/h
Weight : 13.2 tonnes with 3 crew + 9
Quantity : 111 
Engine : MAN-Doosan D2848T 350 hp 

Agusta Westland A109LUH

Origin :  Italy (Agusta)
Type : Light Utility Helicopter (LUH)                                                                           
Quantity : 11
Role : Close-In-Support , air observation
Armament : 12.7mm HMG,rocket pod,gun pod
Speed : 154 knots / 285 km/h
Crew : 2 pilots + 6 passenger
Weight : 3,000 kg / 3 tonnes
Ferry Range : 964 km                                                 
Powerplant : 2 X Turbomeca Arrius 2K1 Turboshafts , 567 hp
Other roles : Search and Rescue (SAR) , as an air ambulance , light attack/close support
Max Altitude : 6,000 m / 19,600 ft
Armament : Rocket pod,25/30mm gun pod
Advantages :
- Power fuel-save
- Further operational range
- High speed maneuvering / cruising
- $6.3 Mil (cheaper than other model)


Origin :   Spain (UROVESA)
Type : Multi-purpose armoured vehicle

Engine : Steyr Turbocharged Diesel 188hp
Quantity : 80 +
Operational Range : 600 km+
Maximum Speed : 135 km/h
Weight : 3,000 - 3,500 kg
Armor : Ballistic Kits

Mercedes G-Wagon

Origin :  Malaysia (Deftech)
Type : Multi-purposed vehicle
Quantity : 80 +
Variants :- 12.7mm Browning M2HB mounted- Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) mounted- ATGM weapons mounted


Baktar Shikan ATGM

Origin :  Pakistan (Khan Research Lab)
Variants : HJ-8/Red Arrow 8                                 Penetration : 1000mm RHA at 0°                      Ability : Defeat Reactive Armor (ERA)              Kill Probability : 90 %
Penetration Probability : 90 %
Accuracy Probability : up to 92 %
Effective Range : 3,200 meters
Speed : 220 m/s
Weight : 25 kg +

Guidance : Optical tracked,SACLOS wire guided 

Note :  The target's movement parameters can be adapted to the progressive skill level of the operator under training.

Launch Platform : Tri-pod , Vehicle , Aircraft

Engine : Solid-fuel Rocket

Quantity in MAF inventory : 200+ missiles

9K115 Metis - M ATGM

Origin :  Russia (KBP Instrument)
Quantity : 20+ launcher , 100+ missiles
Effective Range : 1,500 - 2,000 meters
Guidance : SACLOS wire guided ,thermal sight
Warhead : HEAT tandem , defeat ERA
Speed : 200 m/s
Engine : Solid-fuel rocket

Others :
MBDA Eryx (SACLOS wire-guided ATGM) - Elite 10 Brigade Para
RPG - 7V
Carl Gustav 84mm Recoilles Rifle
M40 106mm Recoilles Rifle

AIR DEFENCE (Most capable only listed)

THALES Ground Master 400
S Band , 3D AESA Radar
Type : Air Surveillance Radar
Detection Range : 390 km (In altitude : 30.5 km)
Instrumented Range : 470 km
Quantity : 1

Medium range, modular, highly reliable, countermeasures-resistant, 3D, C-band, self-contained, mobile radar system .
Quantity : 2

Passive Sensor VERA-E
Is an ESM (Electronic Support Measure)
Nominal Range : 450 km
Up to 200 targets can be automatically tracked simultaneously
Accurately detect and track airborne emitters
Capable of detecting STEALTH aircraft
Quantity : 2

Jernas Rapier MK II
Consist of Jernas missile launcher and Rapier surface-to-air short range missile excluding fire control system and radar
Missile operational range : 6 km+
Quantity : 9 launchers

Alenia Marconi Dagger Surveillance Radar for Jernas Rapier
3D pulse doppler radar with an integrated Cossor Mark 10 IFF system . Typically upgraded search radar for Jernas .                                         Quantity : 3 unit

Blindfire Fire Control Radar for Jernas Rapier
 All-weather capability . Used a very narrow "pencil" beam and tracks both the target and missile . 
Bringing all the Regiment GBAD (Ground Based Air Defence) Squadrons into line .
Quantity : 3 unit

Oerlikon 35mm twin cannon (anti-aircraft artillery)
Caliber : 35mm (1.4in)
Rate of fire : 556 rounds/minute
Connect to Fire Control Radar : Yes
Quantity : 28

Skyguard Radar for Twin Oerlikon 35mm
A pulse doppler tracking radar and a co-axial television camera
A typical fire unit using the Skyguard consists of two twin 35 mm gun platforms with a single Skyguard fire control radar.

MANPADS (Short Range Surface to Air Missile) :

1) FN-6 from China
2) Anza Mk. II from Pakistan
3) SA-18 9K310 Igla from Russia
4) Starburst from United Kingdom 

Some Standard Issue Weapon,Rifle and Machine-gun

    Colt M4A1 Carbine (Standard Issue)    Sig Sauer SIG-552 Commando (Special Forces)

                    Denel R6 (GGK only)                                Vektor SP1 9mm (GGK only)

                              Browning 12.7mm M2HB HMG                       HK MP5K (GGK only)

                                          FN MAG 7.62mm                                   FN Browning HP 9mm


(Only the latest and most capable listed below)

Sukhoi SU-30MKM

Supplier :  Russia (Sukhoi)
Type : Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA)
Quantity : 18
Variant : Similar or more to SU-30MKI
Speed : Mach 1.9
Range : 3000 km
Rate of Climb : 300 m/s
Service Ceiling , Altitude : 17.3 km
Thrust Vector , Canards : Yes 

Equipped with Thales HUD , NAVFLIR system , Damocles Laser Designation pod (LDP) from Thales Group of France, MAW-300 missile approach warning sensor (MAWS), RWS-50 RWR and laser warning sensor (LWS) from SAAB AVITRONICS (South Africa) , KNIRTI SAP-518 wingtip jamming pod , Russian NIIP N011M BARS PESA radar , optical location system OLS
electronic warfare (EW) system, Russian NIIP N011M BARS PESA radar, electronic warfare (EW) system, and a glass cockpit.

Hardpoints : 12 + 1 X 30mm GSH-30-1 gun

Deadliest missile : AA-12 Adder , AA-10 Alamo , AA-11 Archer , Kh-59 ME/MK , Kh-35 , Kh-31P , Kh-29T/L 
Rocket Pod : 4 X S-8 (80 unguided rockets) / S-13 (20 unguided rockets) 

F/A-18D Hornet

Origin :  United States (Boeing)
Type : Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA)
Effective on sea and maritime interdiction
Quantity : 8
Speed : 1.8 Mach
Range : 2000 km , Ferry Range : 3300 km
Rate of Climb : 254 m/s
Service Ceiling : 15.24 km
Deadliest missile : AIM-120C5,Harpoon

Radar : Hughes AGP-73 AESA RadarEquipped with self-protection jammer , Hughes AAR-50 thermal navigation pod , FLIR , night vision goggles , MFD and other sensor .Hardpoints : 9
Missile carried : AIM-120 Amraam , AIM-9/9X Sidewinder , AIM-7 Sparrow , AGM-65 Maverick AGM-84 Harpoon , JDAM , Paveway

MIG-29N Fulcrum

Origin :  Russia (Mikoyan)
Type : Air-superiority / Interceptor Aircraft Quantity :10/16 active

Speed : 2.25 Mach 
Range : 1430 - 2100 km
Rate of Climb : 330 m/s
Service Ceiling : 18.013 km
Radar : NO-019ME Topaz radar

Hardpoints : 7

Missile and weapons carried :
-  AA-8 Aphid
- AA-10 Alamo
- AA-11 Archer
- AA-12 Adder
- Kh-25 , Kh-29
- S-24 Rockets
- ECM Pods


Origin :  United Kingdom (BAE Systems)
Type : Fighter-bomber , Light attack aircraft
Quantity : 12+
Speed : 0.84 Mach with range 2520 km

Radar : no data
Weapons : AIM-9 Sidewinder , unguided bomb

 Eurucopter EC-725 Cougar 

Origin :  France (Eurocopter)
Type : Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR)
Quantity : 12
Crew : 2 pilot + 28 troops
Speed : 324 km/h / 175 knots
Ferry Range : 1,325 km
Rate of Climb : 7.2 m/s
Service Ceiling : 6095 km
Engine : 2 X Turbomeca Makila 2A1
The all-glass cockpit is equipped with an integrated display system featuring a digital map and Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays , search radar and FLIR for day and night search and rescue capability .

Can be fitted with FN MAG 7.62mm , M2HB Browning 7.62mm , 20mm gun pod mounted , radar warning receiever (RWR) , ELIPS chaff / flare dispenser . 

Airbus A-400M 

Origin :  Spain (Airbus Military)
Type : Long-Range Military Transport Aircraft
Quantity : 4
Range : 3298 - 6000 km
Capacity : Approx. 37000 kg
Cruise Speed : 780 km/h EADS and Thales will provide the new Multi-Colour Infrared Alerting Sensor (MIRAS) missile warning sensor for the A400M.

Beechcraft Super King Air 

Origin :  United States (Beechcraft)
Type : Maritime Patrol/Military Aircraft
Quantity : 4
Range : 3338 km
Speed : 294 knots / 545 km/h
Service Ceiling : 10.7 km

CASA CN-235-220M

Origin :  Indonesia (IPTN)Type : Medium-range transport aircraft / maritime patrol , surveillance
Quantity : 8
Range : 5055 km
Cruise Speed : 454 km/h / 245 knots
Service Ceiling : 7.62 km

(Only the latest and most capable listed below)

Scorpene class SSK

Builder :  France (DCNS)
Type : Diesel-electric attack submarine (SSK)
Quantity : 2
Speed : 12 knots (surface) , 20 knots (submerged)
Range : 12000 km with 50+ days endurance
Armament : 6 X 533mm torpedo tube for Black Shark heavy weight torpedoes or SM.39 Exocet anti-ship missile
Name of submarine :
- KD Tuanku Abdul Rahman 
- KD Tuanku Abdul Razak

LEKIU Class Frigate

Buider :  United Kingdom (Yarrow Shipbuilders,Glosgow,UK)
Type : F2000 Light Frigate
Quantity : 2 (F29 KD Jebat,F30 KD Lekiu)
Speed : 28 knots
Range : 10000 km +
Displacement : 2270 tonnes
Aircraft carried : Super Lynx/Nuri/Cougar

Combat SystemBAE Systems Insyte Nautis F combat data system .
Armament : Bofors 57mm , 30 mm MSI-Defence DS30 machine gun B-position , 16 X BAE Seawolf VLS , 8 X MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II , 2 X Whitehead 324mm .
Sonar :Thales Underwater Systems Spherion TSM 2633 LF sonar .


Builder :  Germany  Malaysia ( Blohm + Voss , Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) )
Type : Meko 100 Offshore Patrol Vessel
Quantity : 6
Speed : 22 + knots
Range : 12,000 km @ 12 knots
Displacement : 1850 tonnes
Aircraft carried : Super Lynx 300
Combat System : Atlas Elektronik COSYS-110 M1/ARGOS
Designed to have low-radar detectability , low noise , low heat dissipation and economical cruising speed . The design uses intelligent electronics and sensors interconnected by data buses . 
Armament : Oto Melara 76mm Super Rapid , 2 X 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun

LAKSAMANA Class Corvette

Builder :   Italy (Fincantieri)
Type : Small Missile Corvette
Quantity : 4
Speed : 36 knots
Range : 4300 km @ 18 knots
Displacement : 675 tons +
Length : 62 meters
ESM / Decoy : SCLAR chaff , gamma suite

Sensor : RAN-12 air/surface search radar (operating D and I band) , Kelvin Hughes 1007 navigation radar (operating at I band) , INS-3 radar interceptor , TQN-2 radar jammer , Atlas Elektronik ASO 94- 41 hull mounted active seach and attack sonar and a GPS .

Armament : 76mm Oto Melara gun , duan 40mm anti-aircraft gun , 4 cell Albatros SAM (Aspide missile,range : 15km) , 6 Otomat Mk2 SSM (Range : 120km) , 6 X 324mm torpedo tubes (6 X A244/S)

KASTURI Class Frigate
Builder :  Germany
Type : Light frigate / Large corvette
Quantity : 2
Speed : 28 knots
Range : 13000 km at 14 knots
Displacement :1900 tonnes
Length : 93 meters
Armament : Cruisot Loire Compact 100mm , Bofors 57mm DP gun , 8 X MBDA Exocet MM38 , Bofors 375mm twin barrel ASW RL (most is outdated )

Service Life Extension (SLEP) Programme : 
·        Thales Tacticos CMS , Thales DA-08 air search radar , Mirador-IR optronic director , TERMA SKWS decoys , Atlas Elektronik DSQS-24C Hull Mounted Sonar , Link Y MK2.5 , MAV marine navigation radar
·        2 X Eurotorp B515 with A244S Whitehead ASW torpedoes , 8 X MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II , 100mm gun replace with 57mm Bofors , Emerlec 30mm guns replace with MSI Defence 30mm DS30B Guns

Westland Super Lynx Mk100

Builder :  United Kingdom (Westland)
Type : Multi-Purpose Military Helicopter
Quantity : 6
Speed : 324 km/h with 528km range
Engine : 990 kW (1,327 hp) CTS-800-4N
Armament : 2+ Sea Skua anti-ship missile
Crew : 2/3 + 8 troops



Photos : Google , Royal Malaysian Navy , Wikipedia , Perajurit , N.S. Shah , Airliners.net , Kuala Lumpur Security Review , ...

W.O.M.M.S. 2012 ,


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    1. Apache dan f16 tu kalau kita tak nak citer tapi dorang bangga. Rakyat dia tak selidik langsung. Tak semua negara boleh beli apache kecuali crony US. Tak caya boleh selidik. Hanya crony sahaja. Tapi rakyat dia punya la anti US. Selain tu apache ke red indian ke itu domestic use. Kita tak akan serang dia. Jadi dia boleh guna apache tu buat jalan2 je la. Kalau dia ke sini pun rentung kejap jer.

    2. Apache dan f16 tu kalau kita tak nak citer tapi dorang bangga. Rakyat dia tak selidik langsung. Tak semua negara boleh beli apache kecuali crony US. Tak caya boleh selidik. Hanya crony sahaja. Tapi rakyat dia punya la anti US. Selain tu apache ke red indian ke itu domestic use. Kita tak akan serang dia. Jadi dia boleh guna apache tu buat jalan2 je la. Kalau dia ke sini pun rentung kejap jer.

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  12. CASA CN-235-220M

    Origin : Indonesia (IPTN)Type : Medium-range transport aircraft / maritime patrol , surveillance
    Quantity : 8
    Range : 5055 km
    Cruise Speed : 454 km/h / 245 knots
    Service Ceiling : 7.62 km

    saya bangga jadi orang indonesia , banggalah para TKI karena malaysia sendiri mengakui kehebatan hasil karya indonesia.

    1. CASA CN-235-220M,was Jointly developed by CASA of SPAIN and indonesian manufacturer IPTN,not 100%originated from indonesia,that CASA itself is company from spain....keyakinan pengguna/pembelinya berdasarkan jenama CASA yg berasal dari Spain bukan aslinya dari Indonesia.

    2. Lebih tepatnya, CN-235 adalah hasil kerjasama Indonesia dengan Spanyol. CN-235 bukan milik Indonesia saja, tapi juga milik Spanyol.
      @Rizal, terimakasih. Saya juga bangga dengan Indonesia. Tak peduli Indonesia sudah tertinggal di berbagai bidang. Saya tetap bangga dengan Indonesia.

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    Sementara kalian yg menghina kami bisa buat apa? Omongan sombong kalian kami beli dengan hasil karya anak indon yg kalian hina itu!
    Cepat cepat lah kalian pintar dan bertindak bukan hanya omong kosong!

  24. Sikit2 gaduh. Sikit2 saling hina. Klau perang pun belum tau siapa yg menang. Tapi yang confirm, dua2 negara rugi, musnah. Cubalah saling hormat menghormati. Hati tu cubalah bersihkan. Tak kiralah indonesia ke, malaysia ke, islam ke, non muslim ke. Dua2 negara membangun, serumpun, majoriti rakyat seagama. Tak salah beza pendapat, tapi jangan sampai bermusuh dan berpecah belah. Indonesia ada kelebihan dan kekurangan, malaysia pun sama. Lebih baik bekerjasama. Dua2 negara pun pernah dijajah. Belajar dari sejarah dan kesilapan lalu. Negara2 barat memang suka kita bergaduh dan berseteru. Sebab kalau kita sama2 bersatu dan bekerjasama, kita jadi kawan dan sahabat yang sangat hebat. Sama2lah kita fikirkan ye. Pasukan bola kita pun bukannya hebat sangat. Kat asia pun susah. Wallahualam...

  25. Bleh lah masukkan SPH a6 Paladin Malaysia,kapal LCS Gorwind class,MD-540G little bird,helicopter navy asw ngan blackhawk

  26. Malingsial adalah bangsa yang bodoh Dan no creative indon pandai2 juara olimpic fisika. Mathematics. Kimia.. And bisa bikin pesawat. Kapal perang.. Tank.. Tentera.. Juara menembak.. Dengan gold terbanyak pakai gun buatan indon.. So malingsial diorang banyak speak.. Tapi zero.. Melayu basicnya lazy&stupid.. Army forces indon ranking 12 special force ranking 3 2025 jet fighter grade 5 indon.. Mengudara.. So malingsial... Tong kosong bunyi nyaring.. Hahaha.. Banyak speak tapi zero.. Kwkwk

  27. Malingsial adalah bangsa yang bodoh Dan no creative indon pandai2 juara olimpic fisika. Mathematics. Kimia.. And bisa bikin pesawat. Kapal perang.. Tank.. Tentera.. Juara menembak.. Dengan gold terbanyak pakai gun buatan indon.. So malingsial diorang banyak speak.. Tapi zero.. Melayu basicnya lazy&stupid.. Army forces indon ranking 12 special force ranking 3 2025 jet fighter grade 5 indon.. Mengudara.. So malingsial... Tong kosong bunyi nyaring.. Hahaha.. Banyak speak tapi zero.. Kwkwk

    1. Lancau lah indonsial ckp besar..lebanon lari naik taksi...sama separatist papua pun lari kebirit lg mau ckp besar tuiihhh barua indonsial ko suruh tni buat tarian riok ponirogo pakai sarung batik sial ko

  28. cerita punya cerita..kutuk punya kutuk...tak serang serang jugak..serang mulut yaa...penat dehh menahan air liur dari seberang...serang ajalaa jangan banyak cakap...juara ini juara itu tapi paling juara buang air liur yaa

  29. Tak usah diributkan. Hanya habiskan tenaga saja. Saya percaya rakyat malaysia ada yang baik.

  30. JAKARTA - Prajurit Komando Strategi Angkatan Darat (Kostrad) TNI kembali menorehkan prestasi gemilang di pentas internasional dalam ajang lomba menembak Australian Army Skill and Arms Meeting (AASAM) 2016 di Puckapunyal Military Range, Victoria, Australia.

    Berdasarkan hasil sementara, Indonesia meraih 18 emas, delapan perak, empat perunggu. Menang telak atas Amerika Serikat, Prancis dan tuan rumah Australia yang hingga kini belum mendapatkan medali.

    Sedangkan, negara tetangga Malaysia hanya memperoleh satu perak dan dua perunggu. "Prajurit dengan senjata harus dibiasakan sehingga bisa menjiwai. Mereka yang berbakat dilatih terus sehingga lebih terasah," ungkap Kepala Penerangan Kostrad Kolonel Inf Heru Dwi Wahana, Rabu (18/5/2016).

    Lomba tembak AASAM digelar dari 3 Mei hingga 30 Mei 2016 mendatang di Puckapunyal Military Range, Victoria, Australia.

    TNI AD menurunkan 19 orang penembak dengan Komandan Kontingen Mayor Inf Safrudin yang sehari-hari menjabat Kepala Seksi Operasi Staf Operasi Divisi Infanteri 1 Kostrad.

    Letda Inf Poltak Siahaan, Prajurit Divisi Infanteri 1 Kostrad salah seorang prajurit yang mencatatkan namanya sebagai pemenang lomba tembak perorangan di ajang AASAM 2016.

    Ini merupakan kemenangan berturut-turut sejak 2008. “Saya sangat senang bisa menjuarai kompetisi AASAM tahun 2016 ini,” ujarnya selepas ditandu sebagai salah satu bagian dari tradisi kemenangan di AASAM, Rabu (18/5/2016).

    Tidak hanya membuktikan kehebatan prajurit Indonesia, AASAM juga menjadi pembuktian kualitas senjata buatan Indonesia. Pasalnya, Letda Inf Poltak Siahaan menyabet kemenangan dengan menggunakan senapan SS-2 V2 buatan PT Pindad.

    Seperti diketahui, senapan serbu buatan PT Pindad ini sempat diragukan kualitasnya saat Indonesia menjuarai kompetisi yang sama 2015 lalu. TNI berhasil meraih 30 medali emas,16 perak dan 10 perunggu.

    Tim panitia AASAM meminta agar senjata yang digunakan dibongkar karena diduga tim TNI mengganti jeroan SS-2. Nyatanya tuduhan itu tidak terbuk

    1. Juara latihan menembak indon sial banggakan...di lebanon kabur naik taksi..di papua kabur sama separatist papua hahah puiii ckp shj lebih

  31. Again indon army won AASAM 2016 .and became champion of that event.. Defeated US France even Australia and other participants. Indon army is the best in the world got more golds medal and champion since 2008..malingSial army only got one silver.. Very stupid and unskill in shooting..lazy&foolish.. Fuck army kahkahkah..

  32. Tahniah.. Indon Army you're the best shooting with using SS2 V2.. We Proud of it...

  33. Askar indun itu gajinya boleh tahan perutnya gendut2 gag bisa nembak itu.kalo nembak org pun gag mati.. kih kih kih

  34. Satu hal yang perlu kalian pahami warga malaysia... jangan hina PANCASILA kami, pancasila kami mempunyai makna dan tujuan yang kalian tidak pahami...

  35. Indon ada missile stealth iaitu bulu runcing

  36. Indon ada missile stealth iaitu bulu runcing